Un homme et une femme qui discutent au dessus d'une ville digitale

Digital Twin

From Real to Virtual

Scan your environment & Capture its data.

We deploy on site to apply the digitalization process.

The digital twin is the virtual replica of an existing environment or object. It is both a static and dynamic, high-fidelity depiction of the real element.

It should be noted that said high-fidelity of the digital twin applies to both the physical aspect and the data ecosystem of the subject matter.

Real environment

In industry, as in construction, precise knowledge of its facilities enables performance to be optimised throughout their life cycle (construction, operation, transformation of facilities, dismantling).

Virtual environment

IMAG'ING offers solutions based on numerous technologies (lasergrammetry by 3D Laser Scanner, photogrammetry by Drone, ...), with different levels of precision (from a millimetre to a tenth of a millimetre) according to your needs (large and technically dense environments, reverse engineering of mechanical parts).